Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Empire of Lies

I don't usually do book reports. I just post the books I am reading via the widget on the right and then at the end of the year post a scroll of what I have read - just for general interest and in case anyone is wondering what is bouncing around in 'ole Phib's brain.

I also don't generally read fiction. I find that there is too much out there in the real world that I want to read about that fiction just gets left behind. An exception this year is Andrew Klavan's Empire of Lies.

It hits my "recommended" list easily just for the non-PC nature of the book - but it is on the "highly recommended" list for a certain sub-group. If you, like me, used to be a very different person than you are now - i.e. say from the Libertine to the Evangelical/practicing Catholic later in life - you will find the main character a nice reflective character.

Though made new, we all are very aware of what was and could easily be again. It isn't theoretical - it is all too real. Once there, the road back is always easily found - and constantly a battle to turn the other way from it.

Hard to describe; but this is an adult Christian novel in some ways - but it isn't a "Christian" book. It is adult as in, adult.

Anyway, read the reviews and if interested, give it a read. You can also listen to the 5 part series with the author on NRO's Uncommon Knowledge. Here is Part 1. It explains it better.

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