Thursday, September 25, 2008

Diversity Thursday

I did some pondering after last THU's post about the now and then posts on Diversity that I do here - most all related to the Navy's little internal coercion ... errr ... conversation.

As my regulars around the Cracker Barrel (can I even use that term on Diversity Thursday?) know, we have some regular topic days. "Sunday Funnies and Fullbore Friday" are must-have cannot-miss items. You always fuss if I don't have a post up by noon.

I also have some semi-regular posts, "Maritime Strategy Monday" and "Saturday Music Stop" that I put up when the topic or mood strikes me. Galrahn likes MARSTRATMON, Eagle1 always finds interest in my better FbF, and I can sometimes pull Chap out of his studies for SATMUSTP.

Based on the goodies may of you have sent me over the last few years about the Diversity Commissariat's efforts tells me that it hits a nerve. I also know that a couple of readers can't stand the subject.

Therefor, from here on out, I will have a DIVTHU. If you use a newsreader or such, you will be able to either click or avoid as you may wish. I won't make it a must have, but if I see something or you send me a goodie, then I will put it up. I already have next week's set to go - but for now I give you Edition 1 of DIVTHU.

When a threat becomes a tag line.

Hat tip NAVSEASpy.

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