Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina PODcast listening without the POD

Ok, this is more than shameless self-promotion.

Mrs. Salamander won't let me play with her POD (Skippy, keep your comments to yourself), and where I work I can't bring one with me ... so I have been a latecomer to PODcasting.

While guesst blogging over at Greenwich Village Idiot, Chapomatic has a great music/commentary POD cast going on. Here is of some of the things he mentions.

Randi Rhodes

Kanye West

CNN feed


CDR Salamander

Funky 16 Corners

Ad Council PSA

KBON Ville Platte, Louisiana


Mudville Gazette on post-hurricane critique

Kaus on same

Brendan Loy was right

BBC on situation

Mia Doi Todd

WWOZ, on line with help from WFMU

Opinion Journal with some scathing commentary

Chrenkoff on hurricane quotes
He has a list of links on his site to download it, but if you still don't fully understand the whole PODcasting concept, click here to download the MP3 and listen to it on about any computer.

Chap, well done; and you have outstanding tastes in music for a submariner.

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