Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Europeans need schooling about storms

As the more reasoned reports come out of New Orleans, it is a good time to review some of the more-than-usual election time jackassary coming out of Europe.

The European left is compounding their ignorance of our Federal System with a very un-European ignorance of geography.

Make sure and read the whole thing at DowneastBlog and Davids Medienkritik: but below is a nice example quote from soon-to-be-ex-Chancellor Schroeder, and a superb “get a clue graphic.”
That we are well advised to take a close look when it comes to the question of how much state we need and how much we don’t need. Because when I take a look at, how we, on the other side, surmounted such national catastrophes, then there are indeed noticeable differences. And I contend that this also is connected to the specific manner and way, as we say, for such situations, for people who are in urgent need, we need not a weak state but a strong state."
Storms? Floods? Your little floods? Europeans have no concept of the scale of weather in the U.S. and/or the power of a CAT5 hurricane. Chancellor, how would Germany deal with this?

Simply no concept. Don't give me this "harsh winter" crap either. North Dakota. "Bad winter storms"? Nor'easters in New England. Tornados....oh that's right, you have NOTHING like tornado alley. Ummmm. Anything else? Heavy rain flooding? Mississippi valley-California-etc-etc....anything else Herr Chancellor? Mmmmmm? I didn't think so. Sit down and shut up you history-left-behind Socialist.

Oh, and who here besides me shivers at a German Chancellor talking about why Germans need a strong state? Right now there are French people running to the nearest airport; he should stop saying such things.

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