Thursday, September 01, 2005

Prayers out to all back home

I’m far away from the U.S. and primary sources back home; but Katrina hit the center of my family’s 200 year history in that part of the country.

That is a very strong, but very poor part of the country. Folks don’t have much to loose until they have nothing.

I am getting very little information besides the nightmare of it all. No newspapers and as my readers know, limited access to computers (not for too much longer).

From what I have heard of the behavior of the people in New Orleans, I am not shocked. On the best of days, that town is a heartbeat away from 3rd World chaos and behavior.

Mississippi is my big area of concern, and I hope to reach Mother Salamander (not in Miss.) to check on the family, land, and concerns in the next 24 hrs.

Also, from what I have read, the Commander in Chief needs to find his A-game, pronto.

As for gas, thank those that plugged up the energy bill for 5 years. We would have more sources and refinery capacity by now (a 5-10 year delay from law to end user at best) if the “denial of reality” caucus didn’t obstruct for political reasons. Blame them. You know who they are. Anyway, on the economy in Europe (be careful driving too much on your rental car while waiting for a lift) you will pay ~$5-6 a gallon, or 1.30 Euros a liter.

Prayers to all, and we must remember – after a 30-50 year lull, we are back to the heavy hurricane cycle that has been here on and off for thousands of years. We will see more of this for the next few decades.

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