Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Police looting in New Orleans

I don't know if this means that LA's Senator is going to hit me, but here is a pathetic example why people should feel free going after the piss-poor performance and behavior of N.O.'s 3rd world police.

Via PunditGuy and CrooksAndLiars click here (via C&R - I'll host once zippyvideos works) to see the video of N.O. police, in full uniform, joing the WalMart looters.

Where is the accountability? Where is the Mayor's outrage?

Laugh or cry. I'm shaking my head and laughing.

This police behavior is minor compared to some of what is going on in New Orleans, I know. But seeing it........

This is what poor government is. This is what happens when voters do not make decisions for the right reason. This is what happens when people in power don't fear for their jobs. That is public corruption as part of the accepted fabric. That is in many way a city I have spent much time in and love. That is New Orleans.

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