Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Uniform Saga continues....

A reader from EUCOM AOR sent along this little tid bit.
They just had a NEX uniform roadshow here ... and it was pretty much a disaster. They wouldn't pass around the SDK because "it's really hard to take care of and we don't want to ruin this one".

Audience reaction was quite hostile after that. Everyone seemed to hate the new digi camies (too dark except for the bright USN "shoot me here" badge on the pocket) and was appalled that the PT windsuit (required) will cost $180.

On the E side people are furious that the PT ensemble will be required for wear by the end of the summer, but the uniform allowance is being spread over 2 years. And it (the wind suit) won't be available for the fall PRT here. (We had to cancel one of the PRT days last fall because it snowed and made the track unsafe.)

Look for lots of future hate and discontent on this one. Are they the LCS of uniforms? They all seem to have the designed by committee stench about them.
Shame about the SDK. Low bidder, I guess. How come my khaki suit from Steinmart can make it through a couple of months of Sundays no problem, but our SDK can't be touched by a bunch of slackers on NATO like EUCOM orders .......

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