Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Byron's job security

It speaks for itself.
The second LCS, the Independence, launched on April 28 into the Mobile River in Alabama. Since the General Dynamics’ team’s ship has been under construction inside the Austal production building, this was the first time the public was able to see the ship’s distinctive aluminum tri-maran hull.

The launch was a three-day process, during which the LCS 2 was rolled from the construction building on rails to the deck of a floating dry dock and then floated from there. Several small leaks in the ship, discovered while ballasting the dry dock, were sealed before the ship was moved downriver to Bender’s basin.
Normal for new construction? Sure, I'll cut them a little slack, I guess. Still, not all that much square footage to check, is it? Was it a welding issue or other? Who was responsible for inspection?

Welds or not, how many were strong enough to hold back water, but not strong enough to survive 40+ kts in heavy seas for a few hours after 5 years at sea?
Just wondering. I pay taxes too.

Would be interested in the details.... but for now I will just enjoy the schadenfreude.
I won't even go into the aluminum warship rant...

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