Wednesday, May 07, 2008

SECDEF: we'll take back the keys ...

More evidence that the "Re-Americanization" camp in the Joint Staff is winning the battle inside the Joint Staff and the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia. The AP's Lolita C. Baldor lays it out in the Chicago Tribune,
The idea of giving the U.S. military more authority in areas of Afghanistan now under NATO command is "worth taking a look at," Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday.
"I think that this is a matter that is going to get looked at over probably some period of time," he said. "It will require consultation with our allies, particularly our partners in regional command south," referring to an area of southern Afghanistan that is currently under the command of a Canadian general and is due to switch to a Dutch commander before the end of this year.
Something else is cooking that will keep CENTCOM and EUCOM Staff's dusting off Operation RICE BOWL. Remember back in JUN of last year and this FEB when I brought up the subject about the need to review/change the AFG COCOM arrangement?
"We need to take a look also at some of our own command and control arrangements," he said. "For example, does it make sense to have two combatant commands involved in one country?" Gates was referring to the fact that Afghanistan itself is in the command area of U.S. Central Command, although the U.S. European Command is also involved because of the presence of NATO forces.
See, it pays to read CDR Salamander.

Finally, I have to do a little self-preening - because no one but Mrs. Salamander would notice. Note the bold.
Changing the command structure to give a U.S. general more control in the south would, in effect, mark a partial "re-Americanization" of the combat mission. That could be politically controversial, given U.S. interests in maintaining close ties with NATO in fighting terrorism.
A little self-indulgence if you don't mind; I normally wouldn't take credit for calling fire hot; but doing a quick googlesearch - I cannot find anyone who used the term "re-Americanization" in the Afghanistan context prior to my 05 APR 08 post, at least in the news section (that I am not in, ahem). Even in the wider "web section" my post is #2 in relevance, and none of the other posts on the first page are earlier - I beat them all by almost a month.

So, MSNBC, NYT, Lolita, WaPo, YahooNews, Reuters; where is the love for 'ole Phib? Maybe a Hat Tip? Do I have to, Drudge-like, put up a "must credit Phibian!!!"?

Sniffle. I'll just add that little star next to my RIVRON, LT Black, LCS and other lesser plaques on the CDR Salamander Love-Me-Wall and sulk in my unloved lonliness ....or would that be presumptuous and narcissistic? Hey, I am a blogger.....

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