Saturday, May 10, 2008

This ... is CNN

The US version of CNN is only slightly better than CNN International - but I cannot watch either one for very long. Even the BBC has more balance.

Like G. Gordon Liddy - I respect uber-Clintonista Lanny Davis even though our political Venn Diagrams don't overlap. He is an honest lefty and a strong partisan. I have no problem with that - as he is also fair. All he asks is to be treated with fairness as well.

Michael Calderone at Politico reports what happened when Davis saw what most of us saw about CNN years ago. Read it all.

Just wait until the general election ....
UPDATE: Perfect, thanks to Michelle - we now see what the female reporters at CNN think about the presumptive Democrat Nom.

Oh, and if I was Michelle Obama I would talk to the good Senator about enabling package checks while at altitude.

I haven't heard that many adult women talk that way sense I ran into a Hen Party in Tommy Condon's in Charleston back in ......

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