Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend (uni)Body count

Lets do some comparison. France has a population of roughly 60 million. The USA has a population of roughly 295 million. Lets round the US up to 300 million to make the math easy. When you see a French number, multiply by five.

No, imagine the below map as the USA with these numbers:
Washington DC: 1,545
N. Virginia and central Maryland: 2,355
New York City: 550
San Diego: 250
Chicago: 200
Seatle: 125
St. Louis: 125
Miami: 165
Other cities from coast to coast from Mexico to Canada: 1,490
That is almost 7,000 cars over a two day period. There had been 12 days of rioting throughout the nation. Some days were worse, but the rioters are running out of easy to get to cars. It took President Bush over a week to address the issue. Members of the administration and Republican Governers were sniping at each other and trying to position themselves around the riots getting themselves ready for the '08 election and not ending the violence. The Washington Times and Fox News management admit that they have not been covering the violence so as to not to give the Democrats issues.

What would be the headlines, right now, top of the fold, front pate, breaking news, all day special, on Reuters, AFP, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Newsweek, Time, NYT, and WaPo? Non-stop, unending; 24/7.

Ponder that.

You think the MSM is balanced trans-nationally? You think they are serious news organizations that treat everything the same? If you do, you are lost.

The breakout on the upper left hand corner is Lle-de-France and Paris.

Oh, and if you didn't catch the video from the last post. Please do now, here.

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