Friday, November 25, 2005

OK, I wasn't selected for Major Command...

Hmmmm, how would this sound in the military.......
Navy MilBlogger Admits He Didn’t Select for Major Command
Nov 24 3:28 PM US/Eastern
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CDR Phibian Salamander is coming clean on his military record - the Major Command Screen Board that is, admitting that his claim to have been a pick of the Board in 2004 was untrue.

For nearly a year, Salamander, often mentioned as a possible “SUPERSTAR” in his FITREPS, has maintained he was selected for Major Command.

The claim was included in a brief biography released when Salamander was looking for a cushy Shore Duty job. A letter to a college friend in JUL mentioned it when he was about to be named CFC Chairman for the region. And several girlfriends, including some in Virginia Beach, have reported it as fact over months.

But an investigation by a girlfriend’s ex-husband found no record of Phibian being selected for Major Command, at sea or ashore - or any significant billet.

Informed by the girlfriend of her findings, Salamander acknowledged the error in and email.

"After being notified of the situation and after researching the matter ... I came to the conclusion that I was not selected for Major Command." he said.

Salamander’s spokesman Gilbert Grape declined to comment when reached by the AP on Thursday.

Salamander, a right-handed officer who played hooky at University, said he was actively scouted by several major Flag Officers over the last few years.

He insisted his name appeared on "a Select list of some kind" created by the Detailer. He named Community Managers as well, whom he said told him that he "would or could" be Selected. The Community Managers have since retired.

Salamander later developed sea sickness, eliminating any possible of a command at sea.

In the summer of 1997, when he was stationed on an Aircraft Carrier, the words "CO" appear on the back of a chair he had his picture taken in, the Journal reported.

"When I saw that picture I was convinced I was Deep Selected," Salamander said. "And it stayed with me all these years."

Then-cruisebook coordinator Arnold Mycock said the picture was supplied by ship’s company, he didn’t know who.

On a biographical sheet Salamander completed for his Federal Executive Fellowship, he wrote, "Selected for Major Command, 2004." He said he wrote those words because he believed they were true.

"I never tried to embellish this," he said. "I never tried to mask it."

Salamander, with a PRD of JUN 06, is seeking another set of orders.
In all seriousness though, the Richardson news is really bad for the Democrats. He was one of the best folks on their bench, now he is just another poseur. What a shame.

CAPT Ed, as usual, has some solid comments as well.

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