Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The good Hollywood

I almost titled this the “right Hollywood,” but when it comes to being on the correct side of the Big Issues, you don’t have to be from one side or the other. Via BLACKFIVE and Michael Yon, we have one Hollywood Big doing the right thing, Bruce Willis.

In addition to his time he has spent in Iraq with the USO over the last few years, Mr. Willis will attend the “Deuce Four” Ball near Fort Lewis, on November 5th, 2005 to personally thank troops he followed closely via Michael Yon’s postings and others.

This isn’t anything new for BW, he has been a great supporter of his nation’s military. Make sure and visit his site for his thoughts, perspective and first hand support statements. Funny, via Michael Yon's spot, it looks like he discovered this "blogspot" thingy. Welcome aboard. Prepare to loose a lot of spare time.

Thought I would start the day with some good news.

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