Wednesday, November 02, 2005

One year from the slaughter, and they still don't get it

One year ago, Theo van Gogh was slaughtered.

As reported in Dhimmi watch, no monument for him. You see, some may be offended...

News from Cid Martel:

No monument for Theo van Gogh, from Fok:

There will be no monument for Theo van Gogh where he was killed. Council member Martin Verbeet (social-democrat) says such a monument could lead to provocations and unrest in the neighbourhood. They would like to remember him every year but the emphasis then needs to be on freedom of speech and the provocative way in which Theo van Gogh used to express himself.

In other words: "They killed him, and if we memorialize him, they may kill us. Let's just forget the whole thing."
A culture that cannot defend itself or condemn those who wish it ill, is dead.

T.V.G. may not have been the guy you would want to marry your sister...well...dinner would be "interesting," but he died because of what he was - a free man of mind and spirit. Join me again, even if you don't like it, in seeing the work that got him killed.

Social-Democrat, heh. OK, part of the culture is dead. The Left half. Harumph.

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