Thursday, November 17, 2005

CAG Paddles - let's make that a 1 wire and call it even

Visit the Commissar for a great reminder of a great Naval Aviator and WWII ace, George Duncan.
George Duncan shot down 13.5 Japanese airplanes while flying with VF-15 off carrier Essex, gaining all his victories in the latter part of 1944....He made a career of the Navy, rising to command VF-51 and Air Group 5 during the Korean War.
But that isn't what hit me like a wall. One part of his history is that he was the survivor of one of the best series of pictures taken of the early jet age in the Navy when he was CO of VF-51 and flying the F9F-2 off the straight-deck Midway. A wonderful advertising for the Navy's favorite builder of aircraft, Grumman. Sniffle. That is one blessed man. Think of his career timeline and what he saw in his time.

See the rest of the pictures here, here, here, and here. He retired at what I assume was Flag Rank of some kind, but the only Google I could find of an Admiral Duncan was this place. I don't think it has anything to do with our hero. They need to change their name.

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