Saturday, November 12, 2005

Not you Mother’s curfew

As some places in Europe are starting to wake up to its Golem, most of their politicians are either thinking 180 degrees off, or are just hoping it will all go away.

France still is without clue, but their initially lame sounding “Curfew” actually has some weight to it – if France has the will to take advantage of it.

Curfew is an understatement. These date from 1955, the last time France had problems with Muslims…in Algeria. Had so much fun the first time, had to import them for another round.
  • Cabinet can declare state of emergency in all or part of the country

  • Regional leaders given exceptional powers to apply curfew and restrict movements

  • Breach of curfew could mean a fine or two-month jail sentence

  • Police can carry out raids on suspected weapons stockpiles

  • Interior minister can issue house-arrest warrants for persons considered dangerous to public safety

  • Public meeting places can be closed down

  • House searches possible day or night

  • Authorities can control press or broadcast media, film and theatre performances

  • State of emergency can only be extended beyond 12 days if approved by parliament
  • BTW, if you burn thousands of cars – eventually you run out of them to burn. I’m not too impressed that “only a few hundred cars were burned last night….” Of course the “riots” will peter out. They’re running out of targets. These things come in waves. More to follow.

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