Thursday, November 17, 2005

Let's do TQL all over again

That is it. No more "B-school" offsites for Flag Officers. No more two week seminars so Admirals all of sudden think they discovered management theory. They reminds me, again, of teenagers who think they were the ones who invented sex. Too far, too fast, too sloppy - and not well done.

Bubblehead has a great find, make sure and read it all. "ComSubFor Must Have A "Six Sigma Black Belt on Staff." It is so painful, I will only quote a small part.
CSF’s effects based management structure consists of a USE Flag Panel, and supporting policy and action teams. CSF leverages the USE Flag Panel, as supported by cross-functional teams (CFT), to increase the productivity of delivering warfare capacity to meet operational demand. The USE Flag Panel, by setting strategy and approving and monitoring metrics linked to personal accountability, uses CFTs to provide the integration of enterprise activities to meet USE objectives."
Gobble. Dee. Goop.

Let me put my 22 month at a state university on a real campus MBA to work and translate for ya.
CSF's new structure will have a USE Flag Panel with supporting staff and procedures. The mission of the Flag Panel will be to meet warfighting and training needs of the President and subordinate commanders.
That is it. This is their way of hiding the fact that they just put themselves on report. Either the structure they use now doesn't meet the needs, they are doing this just to look like they are doing something new and better, or they never had a structure in place to meet the needs. In any case, making it hard for the Fleet Sailor to understand what you are doing just makes everyone's BS meter go off.

There is one question I want answered, how much money was spent on a Thomas Group like snake charmer to get this verbiage spewed out - or how much TAD money was spent training some shore duty Staff Weenie (I can say that) so he could spout what his boss heard at an offsite?

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