Monday, October 10, 2022

The Anglo-Saxon War in the Hetmanate

For centuries, since first in England and then in the United Kingdom, there was a habit/tradition in the English speaking world of getting involved in wars on the continent, directly or indirectly, for the simple reason of wanting to ensure a balance - or at least - a disaggregated power on Continental Europe. 

There is also a strong connection more than just language in the "Five Eyes" nations of Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We all share a certain view of our place in the world we helped create. 

The rebellious child of the USA can be late to the game on occasion, but when the Mother Country goes to war, CAN, AUS, NZL go with her. In the modern world - just sticking to Europe here and keeping this very basic - GBR entered WWI on behalf of Belgium's neutrality, and CAN, AUS, and NZL went with her. In WWII, it was about Poland. Same pattern.

In both wars, the USA was a great supplier of military equipment before jumping in with both guns blazing. In recent history, all Five-Eyes fought together in IRQ and AFG and work hand in glove. From Suez to Malay to Vietnam to The Falklands, on occasion one or the other nation may demure, but on balance we align. 

We tend to see the world a certain way - at least with the global order that was crafted and enforced over the last two centuries by the Anglosphere.

Others nations and cultural groups? Spotty record, at best.

That strange family is again manifesting its world view in the Russo-Ukrainian War. Entire books will be written on this, but as data point, let's look at this little snapshot from GoodiesForUkraine.

Yes, this is just a snapshot. Yes, this is just one airhead. Yes, this does not represent aid coming by rail and road. All that being said, this does tell a story.

That is 29 flights. Of those 29, 24 came from the Anglosphere; 83%. One of those flights is "NATO." When you consider that the Anglosphere contributes well over half the fighting power of NATO, we'll take that too. That makes it 25/29 = 86%.


Where is the action from all the talk about "European Values" from other parts of Europe? It would be helpful to push back against Russia's smear of an "Anglo-Saxon War" if, oh I don't know, it didn't look like ... it was.

At some point there will be a real solid summary of the logistics of Western support for Ukraine in their war against Russian aggression. That will account for a lot more aid coming from Central Europe, especially the heavy stuff by rail/intermodal.

Still interesting snapshot.

This August graph from the BBC gives a more rounded view;

That is 76% ($11.34/$14.96) from the Anglosphere - none of these nations are even physically connected to Continental Europe (sit down Gibraltar...).

The % of GDP gives a measure of concern as well. The nations who know Russia best are speaking for themselves, but it is telling that of the Top-10, all the nation are either former Soviet Republics, Warsaw Pact members, share a border with RUS, or part of the Anglosphere.

I think about this a lot. You should too - and think about the most important word in the English language; "why."

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