Thursday, October 13, 2022

Diversity Thursday

Another DivThu that is somewhere between a Rorschach test and "it speaks for itself."

Like so many of these "DEI" conferences, I would first have you note that they in no way actually reflect either "what the fleet looks like" or what the nation "looks like" - two otherwise meaningless measures of effectiveness that they demand of everyone but rarely meet themselves. They are some of the least diverse and inclusive gatherings you can find.

Though they can be found almost anywhere leaching funds from various location in DOD, the most cringy are usually found at the service academies where institutional capture or fear lets their branch of the diversity industry pretty much do what they want.

As you ponder this two-day event, think about the costs to make this happen. Not just the opportunity costs of everyone attending this fried air, but the facilities, support, and travel. Just worthy of a note next time some barracks maintenance or travel funds run short, that's all.

The latest at USNA - the third (yes, this started in the Trump Administration, so do be careful trying to make this a partisan thing - it is a Potomac Flotilla project through and through) has a couple of interesting twists. 

First, the subtitle for this year, "Challenging the Status Quo."

I'm sorry, but complete fealty to the Cultural-Marxist structures of the DEI industry is about as status quo as can be. 

Second, there is actually about 50-minutes of real substance here, the panel on "Evacuating Saigon" in the middle of day-2. Heck, I'd show up for that. Looks like a good, substantive panel discussion, but ... what does that have to do with "diversity" and what does that have to do with "challenging the status quo?"

Sure, anyone can force mode almost any topic in to their religion --- but this is a bit of a stretch. Just, no.

I guess they had to find something to draw people in...but they want to kick things off with an insult and an assumption. The religious undertones are - again - hard to avoid. Original sin is alive and well, "Overcoming Your Bias"

Anyway, you're paying for it. So pull up a chair sinners, at least check out the POA&M.

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