Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Close Air Support Comes at You Fast ... From Both Perspectives

Ever wonder how fast things can come at you in combat ... and how fast you have to react to survive? 

Simply stunning video from the shootdown of a Russian S-25 in Ukraine:

No other aircraft has been so valuable - and no aircraft has been shot down more - than the SU-25 in this conflict.

Many regulars here are very familiar with "time compression" in such situations. Time slows down a lot. If you have not experienced that, you may wonder how he is able to eject so fast to survive a direct hit at 200-meters (about 600'). Well, training is one, but time compression is another.

This slow-motion video makes it a little closer to what it felt like to the pilot. 
Tough job. Tough aircraft.

h/t Tyler.

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