Monday, August 09, 2021

Forget Your Peacetime Battle Networks

What the Spanish Civil War was to WWII armor and air tactics, the extended conflict in Ukraine and to a lesser extent Syria is to electronic warfare.

There isn't so much "new" that is being developed, but hard lessons forgotten since the fall of the Soviet Union.

The closer you get to Ukraine, the more clear it becomes. Poland gets it.
Polish firm WB Group harnesses low-power radios and quasi-satellites in a scalable and adaptive communication system.
A Polish company has developed a tactical communication system called Cicha Sieć (Silent Network) with a low electromagnetic signature that leverages lessons learned from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

WB Group launched Silent Network last month with battalion-level deployments in mind, although it claims the solution can be scaled up for larger formations.

Company VP Adam Bartosiewicz explained that Silent Network originated with two parallel developments in 2013: the Perad personal radio and the deployment of the FlyEye UAS in Ukraine.

What does Sal what to know? What does the USA have in this area?

Also a reminder; what happens in EW ashore also applies to at sea. How do we fight in a contested and hostile EW environment? Are we leaning too much on peacetime capabilities and habits that simply won't be there at war?

I hope we are asking and acting on such questions. 

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