Thursday, August 12, 2021

Diversity Thursday

So, PERS-41, the Director of Surface Officer Assignments, is coming to give everyone a brief. Great! For you career minded folks who want to see what is expected of you, there is no better source.

So, what's on the agenda?

Of course, you can almost feel the oxygen leave the room. Of course.

This is 2021, and as you have not had the Diversity Industry talking points thrown at you every 15-seconds, after the, "Why I am Interesting" introduction, PERS-41 will lead with that.

Of course.

Before we get to those slides, I want you to remember something for me. As this is 2021, at the very highest levels the mask has slipped - like we saw last week. Welcome this fact. It makes it all so clear.

Recall through the years we've discussed how you were being patronized and lied to? Remember how they tried to disguise what they were doing by telling you they were interested in "diversity" because they wanted diversity of thought, ideas, perspectives on how do complete the mission? 


Well, we were right, and the others are wrong. They are not measuring anything here remotely adjacent to something intellectual. Nope. As always it is self-identified race and ethnicity. Those are the metrics, that is all they care about.

As we've pointed out before, perhaps they think that someone's self-identified race and ethnicity is determinative on how they think? If so, then as we've come to understand, their view of race and ethnicity is really not that far removed from the KKK and the worst of the early 20th Century eugenicists. 

They lied to you then. They knew it, and except for the most gullible and self-delusional, you knew it too. At least it is out in the open now for even the last of the optimists to see.

Also notice, in line with CNO's Kendi-flavored guidance, you can see there is one thing that is identified as a problem. Something bad. Something to be avoided; white males.

Bask in the actual systemic racism in the system. 

Is that harsh? I don't think so. How else would you describe something that first looks at the qualities of a person based on something as useless as the color of their skin or what self-identified tribal identification they want them in? What else identifies a group as a collective undesirable simply because their DNA comes from a certain part of the world?

If you'd like to see the full brief, you can get it here or review the embed below.

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Gman79 said...

We are quickly heading to a true third world Navy with the likes of Oregon HS graduates (no comprehensive literacy and math requirements for graduation) or Baltimore where iReady testing 3 times a year is showing a large percentage are performing 10 grade levels under their age! Or better yet, 50% "graduate" with less than a 0.99 GPA. Read. That Again.

This is what our future recruiting pools will contain. Can't spell MAFF but hey they're POCs. Can't count the stripes on a PO1 sleeve but hey they're trans-/cis-/a-/multi-/binary-/quaternary gender.

Think those 17 dead sailors cared a whit about the color, race, or gender of that OOD when their ship was under extreme risk? I'll bet not but they depended on those SWOs being able to function under stress, make the right decision, call for help when needed, and get them home to their families.

With PERS going back to photos for promo boards the obvious answer is not WHAT you are in actuality but what you IDENTIFY as. How they gonna grapple with a white male labeling himself an Inuit female trans-binary gender? That line in the PowerPoint "Diversity is fertile ground to cultivate a Culture of Excellence - Combat Ready ships with Battle Minded Crews" is just farcical. How long have we had "diversity"? at least 30 years. And heretofore we've NOT been Combat Ready? Just because our officer corps racial makeup does not = the general population stats?

As a good retired friend keeps saying "Not my Navy, not my problem". China is going to take Taiwan and point blank ask "what you gonna do? Throw a Diversity Officer race/gender quota select at us?"