Sunday, August 22, 2021

All Roads Lead to Kabul - on Midrats

I’m not sure where today’s Midrats will take us. Our co-host is getting a little underway time, so this will be just you and me.

As the initial stage of the collapse of Kabul unfolded last weekend, a lot of Midrats loyalists reached out to me to ask, “Where is this week’s Midrats?”

In hindsight, perhaps I should have brought up a show, but last Sunday was just not a good time to put a microphone in front of me,. By Monday I was ready, and my posts last week covered much of the thoughts bouncing around my head then.

Today from 5-6pm Eastern we’re going to free-form this together. The chat room is open for questions or points of order, and the studio phone line is open as well if you have a question you want to call in or if you served in Afghanistan and just wan to talk it out a bit. Call in.

Outside of that, I’ll try over the next hour or so to give you my thought on how we got here, what happened, and what we need to look at next.

Join us live if you can and roll in with your preferred topic in the chat room or call the switchboard number right here on the showpage.

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