Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Army is Doing the Navy's Job ... Kind of

One of the most obvious, and easiest things that would gain our Navy a tremendous bang for a buck this decade would have been to do something navies have done for centuries; send some of your best officers to a conflict overseas as observers. Sure, those you are with may gain a little ... but the observing nation learns a lot. 

While the Army has been doing this on a small scale - and not to the degree I would like - during the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the maritime services have not. 

We are told over and over how Russia is such a threat to the USA and her allies, yet why have we continued to give a pass for an opportunity to watch the challenge up close. While most of the conflict is ashore - there is still a tremendous challenge in Ukraine's Black and Sea of Azov coastlines. 

I'm pondering the topic in more depth over at USNIBlog. 

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