Monday, August 17, 2020

Communism Kills; Estonia Remembers

Few things disgust me more than American liberals' popular front with the hard left. There can be no justification, no excuse, no desire for power great enough to allow those who outright supported or made common cause with communists. The only former communists who should be allowed in proper company are those who have publicly renounced their former associations and are actively - in word and deed - opposing them.

Communists are in the same fetid bucket as Nazis and should be treated with equal contempt. History is the collective memory. This is especially true for those who know what socialism with communist members leads to. My small but plucky friends the Estonians are some of the best at this.   

BZ to the Estonians;
The Estonian Institute of Historical Memory has launched a portal that provides information on the history of communist regimes and their crimes; the portal is published in Estonian, English and Russian. The aim of the portal, called Communist Crimes, is to deepen the understanding of the history of communist regimes on an international level and to hinder the activities of “red terror” deniers, the institute said in a statement. “The portal is unique as it consolidates the communist experience of 45 modern countries into a single database. The portal is continually updated with fresh material,” the institute said. Giving a voice to millions of victims and their loved ones “According to various estimates, approximately 90 million people around the world have perished due to communist experiments in the 20th century,” Sergei Metlev, the institute’s spokesperson, said. 
“Throughout history, the disciples of this ideology have adorned themselves with pleasant-sounding slogans about a happy future, while destroying entire nations and social groups as well as depriving their citizens of basic human rights in order to reach the leaders’ communist utopia.”
Is that clear enough? If you ever find yourself in wonderful Estonia, Please give yourself at least two days in Tallinn. Just a beautiful city with great people. Make sure while you visit Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom. I took the long tour with the wife and kids a decade ago. Our guide was deported twice; once as a young kid after WWII and again in the late 1980s.

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