Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pimp my frigate

Chuck, I'll take Cold War Allied Recce for $400 please.

Think about it ... think about it ... what is the identifying characteristic ... yes ... yes ...

There is a "tennis court" on the ..... KORTENEAR!

There you have one of the nicer examples of a peer of our OHP, the Dutch Kortenaer class frigate - in this case F811 HNLMS PIET HEIN.

What does one do with an old frigate? Well ... have some excess petrodollars and .... poof!
This is the former 'Hr. Ms. Piet Heyn', a Dutch 130-metre S-class frigate that was sold to the navy of the United Arab Emirates by the Dutch navy in the period 1997-1998 and was re-christened 'F02 Al Emerat'. It was recently decided that this ship would be converted to an extremely luxurious giga yacht of 141 metres, with Imtech being responsible for the entire automation, the energy-efficient drives, the navigation & communication on board and the complete range of electrical solutions.
That give you ...

Needle gun not included, I assume.

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