Thursday, December 18, 2014

Diversity Thursday

Nothing happens by accident, but we'll get to that in a minute.

First, let's talk about what USNA thinks is most important about their incoming class.

Interesting things that we signal on what we consider our priorities.

What are the Top-6 things that we most value in our new USNA Midshipmen?

- Good AP exams.
- Good PT.
- Leadership record.
- Better chance for the guys to find a wife at school.
- Playing by AKC rules still (we'll get to that in a moment).
- Nationwide.

Hey ... we got 4 out of 6 criteria actually that matter; we'll call that a partial victory. Now the pathetic bits.

We've had fun with pictures in the past, it is time to do so again. This is just so easy. So comical. So patronizing. So hamfisted. So, predictable. No matter how you do it, it is funny.

As you look at the pictures, remember that there are only a few reasons to do this; you are trying to curry favor with people who are only focused on socio-political race and gender issues; you are trying to hide reality; you really don't like white people, specifically white males. None of these reasons are honorable or belong in a serious institution. One way or another, it is kind of embarrassing - but mostly I'm embarrassed for the MIDN in these pictures. They don't want to be defined by their DNA, just their performance. They don't want to be anyones pet to be brought out to entertain guests - they just want to be part of a larger organization.

Its not their fault.


The easiest way to see what the PAOs want you to see is to just count who is the center of each picture. ~+/- we have four black females, two white females, three asian females, two black males, and two asian males.

So, if you are just looking at pictures and assume, correctly, that they put what is important right at the center - and therefore message what they desire, then the ideal USNA is 69% female, 46% black, 38% asian, and not a while male of any importance anywhere. Sounds about right. Of course, you really cannot tell hispanic by a picture so who knows that wedge, and who cares.

Actually, let's do the numbers on the second page. First, strip out the international category and the hispanic category. One is a joke to be on the list, and hispanic is an artificial construct that can be any race. That gives us 1,036 as a population. As such, white are 75%, multiple race (BZ) 9%, black 7% and asian at 8%. American Indian and Pacific Islanders at less than 1%.

Do you notice that they break out multiracial by blacks and asians, but not white? Why? Can't whites be multiracial too ... or is the Navy following the KKK one drop rule, or the Nazi grandparent rule?

Nothing to do with DivThu either - but and interesting metric; look at the SAT scores - that is an easily benchmarked data point. I got news for everyone, intellectually, USNA is not an elite academic institution. Good to very good, but not all that - puts them somewhere in the 30s. Not Ivy League smart, but closer to UNC-Chapel Hill, GWU or William and Mary. On balance, that is a good thing. 

Check it out if you wish.

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