Thursday, December 04, 2014

Diversity Thursday

Glory, glory, glory ... Plan Salamander is going along just fine, thank you. We're going to punk their system one love story and one bedroom at a time. Via TNR;
The usual way that race labels are applied in the United States in everyday parlance and in government statistics fail to capture a phemenon poised to reshape how race is actually lived in America: the increase in multiracial marriages and births, which almost certainly will lead to more blended populations in future generations. As this trend continues, it will blur the racial fault lines of the last half of the twentieth century. The nation is not there yet. But the evidence for multiracial marriages and multiracial individual identity shows an unmistakable softening of boundaries that should lead to new ways of thinking about racial populations and race-related issues.
I've said it before, I'll say it again; our Navy used to lead the nation in race relations, but we are stuck in 1970s race theory due to retrograde political pressure and a lot of people's paychecks that require the ongoing sectarianism and promotion of difference that is the Diversity Industry and the Navy's little corner of it.

If you cannot be of one race - then you aren't one and as a result you have the elimination of race (one person at a time to start) - you just are. Unless of course you want to follow the KKK's "one drop rule" or if you look at human beings like the American Kennel Club looks at dogs, this is the reality that needs to be accepted.

We are better, and the human condition is much too rich for us to default to that one drop rule - but many still do. That is changing.
Sociologists have viewed multiracial marriage as a benchmark for the ultimate stage of assimilation of a particular group into society. For that to occur, members of the group will already have reached other milestones: facility with a common language, similar levels of education, regular interaction in the workplace and community, and, especially, some level of residential integration. This is what we saw with European immigrants from Italy, Poland, and Russia in the last century. After decades of being kept at arm’s length by “old” European groups such as those from Britain, Germany, and Scandinavia, the newer arrivals finally began to intermarry with the more established ethnic groups as they became more upwardly mobile and geographically dispersed. Hispanics and Asians differ from white Europeans, of course—most significantly, for these purposes, Americans tend to view them as racial groups rather than ethnic groups. And race divisions, especially between whites and blacks, have historically been far less permeable. So the blending of today’s new racial minorities through multiracial marriage is breaking new ground.
Here is where we can all contribute.

Using the rule that we have documented here, many Flag Officers and others have used to designate themselves - on very thin terms - as a part of a "minority group" - most of us can click more than one box. Heck, the Salamander younger generation can click three if they want with a clear conscience.

That or we can follow the Jim Webb faction and just put in "American."

Heck, if we follow Sen. Warren (D-MA) lead, almost everyone can click one or many different boxes.

Punk the system;
A second reason why the multiracial population may be going undercounted is that the single racial status of children is often determined by the adult who fills out the census form. Research suggests that in identifying the race of their children, multiracial couples often select single-race identities that they believe will be more socially acceptable or will better prepare their children for success. This, of course, may change as these children come of age and begin defining themselves. President Barack Obama, the child of a multiracial marriage, announced through his spokesperson that he identified himself as “black” rather than “white and black” on his 2010 census form. It is likely, however, that younger and future generations of Americans from multiracial families will be more likely to embrace their heritage.
If their metrics are all akimbo, then they can't use them. If they can't use them, they can't do their job. If they can't do their job, they get desperate. If they get desperate, they let the mask slip. When they let the mask slip, the Diversity Bullies show what they are - bitter filled racialists. Once the mask slips, so does their credibility. Once their credibility goes, so does their power.

That doesn't mean even those with little credibility and full of hateful bile won't have some influence - but they will be at the margins more and more each year as this nation progresses towards a truly color-neutral ethos.

We have a way to go - but let not your heart be troubled, we'll get there.

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