Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sgt. Maj. Paul T. Archie, USMC - Doing What Needed to be Done

I dearly hope that the USMC will take care of Sergeant Major Archie - though it looks like he may have dropped his retirement paperwork.

He did what others should have done ... as a Sergeant Major should have.

I won't second guess what happened between him and his Chain of Command.
Marine Sgt. Maj. Paul Archie has tendered his resignation and voluntarily stepped down from his post as senior enlisted adviser at Parris Island recruit depot, Marine Corps Times has learned.
Marine Corps officials released this statement concerning Archie’s decision: “Understanding the Marine Corps has very high standards of personal and professional conduct for its most senior leaders, Sgt. Maj. Archie voluntarily stepped down as the depot sergeant major, and the commanding general regrettably accepted his retirement.”

On Thursday, Archie stopped his vehicle in front of a protest near the gates, got out and proceeded to get into a verbal altercation with a protester, Ethan Arguello, who is also a former Marine drill instructor.

The official police statement on the incident has more detail: “During argument, Archie’s head struck the campaign cover knocking it off the head of the protestor. Archie took the campaign cover and proceeded onto MCRD Parris Island.”

Police later recovered the campaign cover.
No. That does not do what happened justice. You need to watch the video.

Oh and Ethan - you have no honor you pussy.

Bravo Zulu Sergeant Major Archie. Bravo Zulu.

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