Thursday, June 19, 2014

Diversity Thursday

Sometimes, a post really does write itself.

First of all, I want you to think about the importance of our best minds building their intellectual capital to support a better future leaders in the national security area.

One way to do that is to send officers to civilian institutions to pursue their PhD, and then use that knowledge when they return. In theory, in the pursuit of ... well ... whatever the mission of a military is.

Starts out like this;
I would like to thank the Department of Navy for providing me the opportunity to
professionally develop and attend the university of my choice for focused, full time study. I am grateful to the United States Marine Corps key gatekeepers and stakeholders for allowing me access to conduct research.
Of course, serious years out of an officer's career, and a fair bit of the national treasure - but a good investment so we can better address the challenges facing this nation from China to Russia to the Islamic World to this Hemisphere.

What would we want from such an investment? What would we want a PhD on the government dime to focus on? URR, gird your rather substantial loins.

Of course;
BEHOLD in all its glory below or download here. Find your favorite part - I recommend the interview portions. 

You know it is bad when a pro-liberal arts & pro-female serving blogger finds this over the top. 

You can find the author's name in the document ... I'm not putting it here because this shouldn't be about her ... but the ideas the Department of the Navy thinks it needs so much that it will pay for someone to get a PhD in such things.

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