Thursday, February 06, 2014

Diversity Thursday

Many times for DivThu, it is just best for the Diversity industry to hoist themselves on their own petard.

In this case, it is the Diversity Bullies satellite self-justification office over at NAVAIR. I want everyone to ponder this a bit when you hear the discussion of any interest in diversity in background, skills, education, etc.


They are interested in one thing - the self-described color of your skin or claimed ethnicity. Oh, and they are very specific about what are their approved and unapproved employees.

You can look at it as patronizing or just racist ... or both. If this doesn't show preference based on race, creed, color, or national origin - then I don't know what does.

Any yes - feel free to call NAVAIR Actual on it; this is being done in his name.

If you want to know what it is for, here you go;
-----Original Message-----
From: All Hands Messages
Sent: Wednesday, February 05, 2014 12:37 PM
Subject: Applications to join NAVAIR's diversity advisory teams due 17 February
Importance: High

Civilian and military employees may apply to become a member of one of NAVAIR's diversity advisory teams that support NAVAIR's Executive Diversity Council and are led by flag officer and SES champions:
. African-American Pipeline Action Team (APAT)
. Hispanic Engagement Action Team (HEAT)
. Individuals with Disabilities Action Team (IWD A-Team)
. Women's Advisory Group (WAG)

To join a team, complete the online application by 17 February 2014 (
NAVAIR's diversity advisory teams provide an open forum to discuss topics of concern and interest to African-Americans, Hispanics, IWDs, and women in the workplace, such as recruitment, retention, and development and eliminating barriers that impact full participation. All teams address the need to develop an inclusive culture within NAVAIR that values diversity to continue to enable all employees to work effectively and enjoy satisfying and rewarding careers.

Membership requirements
. NAVAIR civilian or military employee, all grades/ranks, all sites
. Commitment of approximately three to five hours per month
. Ability to attend monthly meetings via VTC
. Participation on sub-teams
. Strongly encouraged to participate in NAVAIR's Mentoring Program

Participation on these teams is a collateral duty. No chargeable object will be provided to members when working on team assignments. Please talk to your supervisor to obtain approval to participate on this team. You will be asked to verify your supervisor supports your participation on the team and understands the requirements for participation.

If you have any questions regarding the teams or the application process, contact Tim [redacted] (Special Emphasis Program Manager) at 760-939-[redacted] or [redacted]


Anonymous said...

I want to be a member of the 'HEAT!'

Ken Adams said...

What, no GLSEN chapter?