Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Boring Sounds Pretty Good Right Now

There there was a political party that came from the grassroots. They were called radicals and loons - dismissed. Then they started winning. Then they merged with and took over and existing but brain dead party.

Their leadership adjusted, matured, and then won a national election. They brought in sound, steady, center-right economic policies. Threw away the worst low hanging fruit of decades of leftist politics. Ignored the establishment harpies and kept on - in fits and starts - but pressed on to bring their nation back to a sound footing for future generations.

They are a nation blessed with sound government structures, Common Law foundation, and an educated people. In many ways, there is no other nation that is more like the USA than this nation.

What just happened there?
Canada's Conservative government looks set to comfortably balance its books in 2015 or even sooner, its latest budget showed on Tuesday, with cuts in spending on the public service more than offsetting a series of modest new expenditures.

The low-key spending plan leaves Prime Minister Stephen Harper well-positioned to offer tax breaks and other initiatives in the runup to an election scheduled for October next year.

"Some people will say this budget is boring," Finance Minister Jim Flaherty told reporters ahead of the budget speech. "Boring is good."
Germany is currently the only G7 country running a surplus, but Canada's ratio of debt to GDP is substantially less and it is one of a handful of countries with a triple-A rating from rating agencies.
If we would elect the right people and follow the Canadian model - so much good would be done for future Americans. As it stands right now, we are following the Argentinian model - we voted for it and we are getting it good and hard.

Oh Canada ... indeed.

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