Monday, January 27, 2014

Hide your women and free-range chickens!

Ahhh .... from the mouths of babes ...
... there is an enormous hulking beast of a warship docked in Eureka right now.
Our breathless 99%'rs head on out to get a breathless photograph of the Imperial Racist Heteronormative Eurocentric Battlecruiser of Income Inequality;
Ryan Burns swung by the Schneider Dock on his way down to Cream City and acquired the photos above and below. I say “acquired,” because the entire zone is security’d up to the max and Burns was not allowed to get close enough to snap. Says Burns:
Those were taken by as security dude in a golf cart. He wouldn’t let me get that close, but he drove off with my phone and brought these back.
The proletariat sticks together!

What, pray tell, was this tool of capitalist usurpers?

Yes ... it is LCS-2. If Hank only knew ....

As a side-note, you need to follow the link and read it all, including the comments - they are a hilarious gumbo of cluelessness and paranoia - and they vote. My favorite;
Assuming there are no nukes on it, correct?
Hat tip Damon.

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