Thursday, January 30, 2014

Diversity Thursday

I don't know who owns the twitter account over at Commander Naval Installations Command, but they owe the VCNO an apology.

Concerning what was an overtly political, and obviously uncomfortable invite that you really can't refuse, details here, this is what was exuded from CNIC's twitter account yesterday.

Everyone has done Vice Admiral Howard a disservice here. FLOTUS by giving her an offer she couldn't refuse and then CNIC. Due to her rather unusual path to the VCNO's chair and the fact that everyone who has worn the Navy uniform for the last few decades has attended "the brief" received "the phone call" and understands how it works - it all just feeds in to her critics points.

As a result, anything that even gives a hint of "that" in the decision matrix undermines her and more importantly, her position as VCNO. It doesn't really matter at this point how she got there - the position is of critical importance to our Navy and she has the chair. The focus on the wrong things by CNIC and others is an unforced error that shows no signs of stopping, and it needs to have stopped a few years ago. It is feeding a cancer growing at the heart of our Navy and the confidence in the chain of command.

The worst thing that her fans can do - including VCNO Howard herself - it to talk about her gender, her DNA, or how she may or may not have anything to do with Big Navy's socio-political Cultural Marxist pet projects. Too much of that has been done already.

Performance; nothing else matters and no one should really care about anything else. The more Big Navy focus on DNA - the smaller she becomes. If one side brings it up - over and over and over - then they should not be shocked when it is brought up in another context as well. It becomes a ligit topic of discussion. Do we really want to go there? Just no good can come from it, so just stop CNIC and the rest; just stop. Either that, or pull on your big unisex panties and take the 2nd and 3rd order effect of the conversation of your own creation. Well, usually that conversation is stifled in public, but it happens anyway.

#Diversity. Hash? No; pound. Pound it, indeed.

Oh and yes - someone owes Chuck an apology.
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