Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Dead Communist? Good.

The only thing better than an unrepentant National Socialist assuming room temperature is an unapologetic Communist doing same.

Eric Hobsbawm gone? About time. It is guys like this that drove me from left to right in the 80s anyway.

What a blood-soaked hypocrite.
Leading Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm left more than £1.8million in his will, it has been revealed.

Hobsbawm, who died aged 95 in October 2012, was one of Britain’s most eminent historians, but he was widely criticised for his defence of communist regimes.
According to records held at the Brighton probate office, Hobsbawm – who joined the Communist Party at 14 and once described himself as an ‘unrepentant communist’ – left an estate with assets totalling £1,835,341.
Am I a little harsh? No. In this century, a person who calls himself a Marxist is simply someone who is sad that Communist has lost all its cool vibe.

The last 100 years has been soaked by those who followed the spawn of Marx. Behold the piles of bodies.

Look at the damage to the ecology.

Look at all the toxic thought they have injected in to politics, dividing and placing one part of society against the other using the brutality of the mob or the police power of the state.

Amazing how he would prattle on like this sitting on all this wealth for his own comfort and status. Heck, in an oblique way, one can respect a radical who lives what he preached - but this guy?

In his dotage in 1994 a respected academic historian, author of bestselling books, and lifelong Marxist was interviewed for the Times Literary Supplement about his youthful commitment to Stalin. The interviewer asked “What that comes down to is saying that had the radiant tomorrow actually been created, the loss of fifteen, twenty million people might have been justified?”

Eric Hobsbawm, who died yesterday aged 95, replied instantly; “Yes”
Hey Pawel;
In his book The Age Of Extreme, published in 1994, he quite deliberately underplayed the Soviet Union’s attack on Finland in 1939-40, saying it was merely an attempt to push the Russian border a little further away from Leningrad. He also omits any mention of the massacre of 20,000 Polish soldiers by Russian Secret Police at Katyn.

In the same book, he dismisses the appallingly violent suppression by the Nazis of the Polish resistance in the 1944 Warsaw uprising - when a complacent Soviet army ignored desperate pleas to come to the Poles’ aid - as 'the penalty of a premature uprising'.
These are not mistakes - they are wicked lies.

In his 1997 book On History, he wrote the following: ‘Fragile as the communist systems turned out to be, only a limited, even minimal, use of force was necessary to maintain them from 1957 until 1989.’
When the horrors of Communism could no longer be denied and the former nations in bondage rejoined the free world - this guy still stuck by his intellectual poison - and yet he still was praised and rewarded.

There should be no nice words for the dead such as his. In a just world, he would get the Cromwell treatment.

Oh well, OK. I went a little overboard; sorry. I simply cannot abide tyrants or their apologists. They are evil.

Here he is from 2011. Watch the unashamed.

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