Thursday, January 09, 2014

Diversity Thursday

So, has everyone had a chance to digest the JO SWO survey?

I am actually humbled by slide 15 and really appreciate the opportunity to be considered on that slide. Nuff of that.

There is a lot of good stuff there that everyone should ponder - BZ to those who gave this the go - but there was also a little tidbit that is helpful to our weekly Thursday conversation. Sadly, there was a little slip of the mask on slide 2 that simply cannot be allowed to pass, and it is instructive.

Let us repeat the simple truth; when anyone in the Navy talks about "diversity" - they are thinking of one thing; non-white.

As practiced by our Navy, (D)iversity is a discriminatory cancer on our honor, and everyone who takes it in to consideration is demonstrating bias against people on the basis of a self-selected racial classification.

Though they may speak of diversity of backgrounds, education and life experience - that isn't what they are actually doing. If they say that with a straight face, their are either woefully ignorant to the point of not being qualified to hold any position of authority, or they are simply lying to your face. They hold your intellect in contempt and at best are patronizing you.

Look at the slide, you are either "white" or "diverse." There it is - the Navy's support of the racialist, Cultural Marxist, socio-political movement of sectarianism - red in tooth and claw.

Now that you've had a chance to review, let's go back to something we've been discussing over the years on DivThu.

These racial classifications are self-selecting. It is all a fool's errand.

It isn't harmless though - it divides and gives special treatment. Worse, it gives those of us who are of mixed ethnicity a requirement to pick one part of their DNA over another - or totally ignore it like Senator Warren (D-MA); just pick one that gives us the most advantage. That corrodes the soul and character of everyone involved in the charade.

For those who really don't know what is going on - let's play the Diversity Bullies' game - let's do the most superficial thing and just look at appearances. It is what they do, so why not.

As they have adopted the KKK and National Socialist racial theory of "one drop" - who is out there right now claiming to be Black - just to pick of the Navy's preferred ethnicities?

Well, here is a gallery for you to ponder. Are they punking the system? What do you think of those numbers you see now?

Gabrielle Reece

Wentworth Miller

Vin Diesel

Pete Wentz

Jessica Szohr

Darnell Martin

Adriana Lima

Some of those on the list do like to prattle on about their chose ethnicity - but to be fair, some do not. Others found out and have pushed it for their own agendas. We know how that works too.

What do they like to say? Ahhh, yes. Let's quote former CNO Roughead;
... they ... look like America from a diversity stand point ...
If you say so.

Again, this isn't harmless. In the zero sum game that is selection, support, promotion, and award - special treatment based on race, creed, color, or national origin is discrimination. It also puts in a perverse incentive to lie, cheat, steal, and to tolerate those among you who do.

When you have the blond haired, blue eyed son of a millionaire take a Hispanic scholarship, or someone 25% sub-Saharan African, 25% Philippino, and 50% European claim that he is "Black" - then you are building a culture of lies. Do not be shocked when that culture breeds other forms of lies.

When you reward those lies? Well ... you have larger issues.

I am always game to discuss the ongoing legacy of racial slavery and segregation in this nation - really the only major issue in living memory WRT race outside of FDR's pursuit of Americans of Japanese extraction. My family was one of the largest slave owners in Mississippi - I have skin in that game - it is a ligit topic for discussion. I'll only do it on an individual basis depending on that person's family background and station in life. Then again, I look at people as individuals, not like the AKC looks at dogs.

That gaggle above expects special treatment and wants to talk about being "the other" and "white skin privilege?" No thank you, not interested. You're just another person.

The Navy though - yea, they'll swallow it. It makes their metrics work better. They'll even award you for it.

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