Thursday, December 05, 2013

Things Adult Nations Do

Regulars here have probably picked up a wee bit of pro-Polish bias. I'm really don't hide it that much. Such a great nation with such a tragic history and sketchy neighbors, but an indomitable spirit from the Gates of Vienna to the summit of Monte Cassino. Perhaps it is the defeated idealist Southerner and Jacobite in my bloodlines that has me giving them a nod, who knows. Pawel might say it is just my inherent good sense and wisdom ... and who am I to argue with that .... ahem.

Something happened mid-week that just gave me pause to reflect that, yes, my bias towards the Poles is well placed.

In addition to a older historical issues, in living memory, the Poles and Ukrainians took turns filling ditches with each other in one of the nastier sub-plots of the even nastier Eastern Front (the book Bloodlands is a good start).

The two nations have shared a few things recently. They both know the soul crushing nature Communism and the ever present danger of Russia.

I had the honor of serving with a few Ukrainian officers and Polish officers, and have great respect for both. Though the Ukrainians didn't have quite the "Western" vibe as their Polish counterparts - they were sure trying. It would be such a waste for Ukraine and Europe is they slide back in to the Russian orbit. 

In that light, this picture just gave me a feeling that, yes, something good has potential in Eastern Europe.


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