Thursday, December 12, 2013

What 'cha do'n after school today?

If you are within a quick drive of Newport, RI - this is a required event.
On Thursday, 12 December, The Naval Institute will host a Happy Hour in Newport, Rhode Island for members, prospective members, or anyone who wants to show up to talk about daring “to read, think and write” about sea power and national security.

A member of our Editorial Board will be there to answer questions, and some writers and thinkers who have contributed to the Institute to share some of their experiences. While there will be no punches thrown, sparing over strategy and grappling with the naval issues of the day will be encouraged.

If you are in Newport, please join us to splice the main brace at the USNI Happy Hour/Social:
The Malt
150 Broadway
Newport, RI

12 December 2013, 1700 until the tab runs out or the grog runs dry.

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