Friday, December 27, 2013

Fullbore Friday

Character - how much is it nature and how much nurture?

When does a common humanity push pass everything else? Is it common, and why is it there? Does it drive or subvert honor? 

Around Christmas time, it is very common to hear about the story from WWI where the German and British forces decided to take a break and enjoy Christmas ... together.

What is more interesting to me though is why? Was there something deeper in the decisions that led to that very unique moment?

Well - for those who are fans of game theory, you may be familiar with Robert Axelrod's The Evolution of Cooperation.

RadioLab did a great storyline to flesh of the event from a quasi-scientific point of view - and gave the listener a lot more to think about. The whole show is well worth the listen. You can download the archive here.

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