Wednesday, August 07, 2013

While You Ponder the POM

If anyone thinks that the defense budget will stabilize anytime soon, they are not paying attention. They have not been talking to their British friends.

Everyone has been having a grand time discussing the train wreck of self-destruction that is Detroit. Most of it focused on the unsustainable financial decisions that in a generation brought the most prosperous large city in the USA to the worst.

What about the national government? What advantage does it have?

Well, unlike Detroit, it can print money. It can survive on the goodwill built up by previous generations. There is a lot of ruin in a nation.

I won't even go in to the debt we have built up in the last five years that we simply cannot repay - and what that will do to all parts of our national budget over the next few decades, much less the defense wedge. I'll let the graphic speak for itself.

This is the legacy we are leaving the next generation. Thank everyone over 40.

Is there a China tie-in somewhere? Of course - it was out last year.

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