Thursday, August 15, 2013

If a bus-load of Admirals ...

... had their BSC rolled-down or deleted; it would be a good start. Yes, I know this is like getting excited about a pond filling up after a rain, but still. As we go after more Fleet billets soon, this the way to start the conversation - cuts from the top.
Upon the recommendation of the Chief of Naval Operations, the Secretary of the Navy has approved a plan that will result in 34 Navy Flag Officer positions being reduced, eliminated, or consolidated

The plan aligns Navy Flag Officer billet structure to inventory, complies with statutory limits of USC Title 10, and preserves Navy’s ability to meet Joint flag officer requirements,
Nice to see the CNO has executed Phase 1 of Plan Salamander. I look forward to entire shore-Staff mergers and/or eliminations next.

I especially like the 1-star billets re-coded as CAPT. A note to Skippy-san, your windmill/white whale is on pages 4 & 7. I'll tip a drink for you tonight.

Here is the outline from USNINews;

Hat tip JSS.

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