Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Post-Modern Navy Does Roving Patrols

OK, someone help me out here.

I will just make two points, but then I want you to read it yourself and tell me if this is as upside-down as it reads.

From COMNAVREGMIDLANT NOTICE 5354 - Installation Roving Patrol Requirements"
- Per para 3.b and para 4.b.(1) - if a LT is not available, at LTJG or ENS will be under a Senior NCO? Really?
- Under Standing Orders 2.b - Commissioned Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, on duty, in uniform, on base, - if they find themselves in a hostile situation they shall NOT:
Confront a hostile situation that may put the patrol in danger.
So, a drunk 225# guy is acting like he is about to beat the snot out of his girlfriend, the patrol is to stand back - or are they just to wait until the 110# takes a solid hit square on the nose? They find three teenagers beating up a forth who won't stop, so they just stand there and wait for the MAs to show up? Clear?

Read it and let me know what you think.

Roving patrols are a good thing - as a matter of fact as a JO I used to do something similar - just me and the Barracks Petty Officer. I know this is an effort to stop the snot-slinging drunk from turning in to a, "Why am I in bed naked with SN Schmuckitelli?" But seriously - should we forget simple military standards? 

Teenage Midshipmen used to be given command of prize ships, lead boarding parties, etc; in the Cold War ENS and LTJG were given authority to deliver nuclear weapons. We don't even want to review what our Army and USMC brothers and sisters let their O1-O2 do. Yet, we won't let an ENS or LTJG lead a roving patrol CONUS?

Building confidence and refining leadership ability in our Junior Officers is a core requirement. What are we doing here? I can understand a standard-issue LTJG being under the positional authority of a MAC while on patrol conducting MA duties - but that isn't what we are talking about here.

Also, do you really want a roving party led by a LT with a BMC and EN2 to come across four drunk SN fighting over who is going home with the cute OSSN, and have the LT say, "No Chief, don't get near them, they are drunk and dangerous! Stay away! Stranger Danger!"

Next thing you know part of the roving patrol uniform will be Army issue glow belts.

Hat tip Fleet LT.


Caliban said...

Had a good female friend 30 odd years ago who was a fresh-caught JAG LT. This lovely little blonde LADY from Texas (might explain it) was married to a buddy. She also pulled occasional duty as NAVSTA Duty Officer, during which tours she delighted in driving the command pickup around the base SOLO, busting up disturbances and apprehending dopers. Offered in contrast...

CWO4 Brian Ashpole, USN-Retired said...

The Navy now needs a little sign on the pocket to identify themselves as "Roving Patrols" and we have CPOs supervising Commisioned Officers.

We have sunk pretty low on this one.

Whatever happened to wearing your authority on your collar? Why not just wear a "Shore Patrol" brassard if you require a method to identify someone.

P.S. Wallace said...