Friday, August 30, 2013

Fullbore Friday

In honor of our Polish friends who fought the good fight this week, I'd like to reach back four years for a properly themed FbF. Enjoy.

In comments on last week's FbF, regular commenter ewok40K mentioned something that had me do a little pondering.
This is as fullbore as tales my granddad told about facing Me-109s in an outdated fixed-landing gear gull wing PZL P-11 capable of barely 360 kph...
Many people forget that Britain and France went to war over Poland. That is where it started - and in the end we left her to the Communists.

Poor Poland, Nazi on one side, Communists on the other. The Polish military can hold its head high, it fought as best as it could. The nation that saved Vienna and therefore Europe from the Ottomans went down fighting - and continued fighting throughout the war.

In the West we tell our stories because they are so well documented. Much of what Poland did is not well known - and outside Poland their heroes unknown.

In that light, today let's take a chance to give a nod of the head to a blog-buddy's Grandfather and his friends in the Brygada PoĊ›cigowa and their plucky gull-winged PZL P-11. They knew what the story was, but fought on.

More real pics here.

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