Friday, May 31, 2013

Better late than never

At last ... some sanity WRT shipboard uniforms;
Within the next nine months, the average sailor deploying on a ship will have a flame-resistant coverall in his or her pack, something most don't have now.
To date, only sailors with specific jobs in engineering or other hazardous locations are issued flame-resistant clothing to do their jobs.

The Navy Times reported recently that the panel found there weren't enough fire-resistant coveralls issued even for those specialized sailors, which led to the panel's conclusion that all sailors needed their own.

While Fleet Forces cannot change what is issued to a sailor in the sea bag - that falls under the domain of the Navy Uniform Board - a command can issue its own gear to sailors.

"This is a piece of organizational gear that every sailor should have at their disposal should a fire break out," said Lt. Cmdr. Brian Badura, a Fleet Forces spokesman.

A Navy official said the fire-resistant coveralls will come out of a command's budget and, at least for now, sailors will not incur a cost.

A second working group is using the first group's findings to review whether all Navy uniforms, particularly the standard "aquaflage" uniform, should be flame-resistant.

The Navy does not require flame-resistant working uniforms for general sailors on board. Officials say the standard uniforms are safe because major shipboard fires are rare and fire gear is available.
While we seem to be tripping over our own red tape - good to see positive progress.

A couple of notes though; how long, really, does that second working group really need to work? Just get a good coverall for at sea use - and get on with it. Need money? Our Diversity Bullies seem to be flush with it. Ditch NWU completely.

Read the last part of the quote above; aircraft fires are rare and fire gear is available at airfields - but that doesn't stop the aviation community from wearing their nomex flightsuit every time they fly. Ponder.

Hat tip Herb.


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