Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In AFG, the Inevitable

After we announced our intentions to go away from a Conditions Based OPLAN to a calendar based retreat - the die was cast.

I look back to all the work for Shape, Clear, Hold, Build, district by district, that would be the best path to create the conditions for success - how the minute after that DEC '09 speech at West Point by the President; it was all thrown away.

The path was unknown after that speech, but the end result simply required a basic understanding of human nature, Afghan history, and a few thousand years of sound military practice.

Behold, the wages of the Obama AFG strategy. This did have to be inevitable, but it is now.

Make yourself watch this. Every. Single. Minute.

We had a good workable Plan, but as is always true - Plans ain't worth shi'ite without the right leadership.

I'm going to go pour a drink and work on tomorrow's post. Be warned; I am in full Eeyore mode this week.

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