Thursday, May 09, 2013

Diversity Thursday

When this first came across the transom a few days ago - I knew this was needed for DivThu - not so much that it has anything to do with the Navy's branch of this socio-political cargo cult, but because is so well demonstrates many of the points we have discussed over the years - and validates what I have been waring you about this whole program.

First of all - especially with the made-up "Hispanic" label - (D)iversity is all about keeping people separate. To keep people in controllable and easily manipulated pockets focused on the wrong thing.

If you are convinced that you need to be driven by the lowest part of the brain-stem; tribalism and sectarianism - then you won't focus on the higher brain functions; liberty, freedom, and the function of a free person in a representative republic.

Others will define you - and woe be to you if you wander out side of the plantation they have built for you. That is, of course, if you are white - then the Left seems to let you have what ever political ideas you want, in a fashion. 

In a nation founded not on race, ethnicity, color or some other equally meaningless aspect - but on ideas; you are controlled if you are divorced from the underlying purpose of the nation that is supposed to represent you; you no longer are sovereign - you now conspire with other for power not on the basis of ideas, but on the power of groups.

So, that is the serious part. When I first saw this, my thought was, "Dude, your name is Richardson."
ABC: Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson joined ABC News for a web interview after his appearance on the “This Week” roundtable on Sunday, answering viewer questions about his time as governor, his experience meeting with the Taliban, and his thoughts on Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un. When asked about Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Richardson expressed his distaste for the senator.

“I’m not a fan. I know [Ted Cruz is] sort of the Republican latest flavor. He’s articulate. He seems to be charismatic, but I don’t like his politics. I think he introduces a measure of incivility in the political process. Insulting people is not the way to go. But I guess he’s a force in the Republican political system, but I’m not a fan.”

ABC News: Do you think he represents most Hispanics with his politics?

“No, no. He’s anti-immigration. Almost every Hispanic in the country wants to see immigration reform. No, I don’t think he should be defined as a Hispanic.

Who died and made you the head of Rasse-und Siedlungshauptamt?

This is no shocker though. We see this all the time. Richardson himself is a perfect example how people have picked the "one drop rule" of the racists of the past. Heck, we have people with a grandparent who has a Spanish last name and call themselves Hispanic. They are no more Hispanic than I am ... but there you go.

Thank you Mr. Richardson for letting the mask slip. Hispanic is political ... and I guess if you have certain ideas, you don't quite fit.

Funny, if you turn the (D)iversity Bullies ideas back on them; who is the real Hispanic? Bill Richardson;
His father, William Blaine Richardson, Jr. (died in 1972), who was of half Anglo-American and half Mexican descent, was an American Citibank executive who grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and lived and worked in Mexico City. His mother, María Luisa López-Collada Márquez, is the Mexican daughter of a Spanish father from Villaviciosa, Asturias, Spain and a Mexican mother and was his father's secretary.
So, he grew up as the son of a rich Daddy banking executive. Four grandparents; European-American, Mexican(which means mostly European), European-American, Mexican(again, mostly European). Grew up until age 13 in Mexico, and then went to a fancy boarding school in Massachusetts that has a tuition today of $50,000 a year, then to Tufts, and so you go.

I think that speaks for itself.

Ted Cruz:
Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where his parents, Eleanor Darragh and Rafael Cruz, were working in the oil business. His father was a Cuban immigrant to the United States during the Cuban Revolution. His mother was born and reared in Delaware, in a family of Irish and Italian descent. Cruz's parents, who had both attended college in Texas, returned there when Ted was about four years old.

Cruz attended high school at Faith West Academy in Katy, Texas, and then graduated from Second Baptist High School in Houston.
Four grandparents; Cuban(mostly European), Cuban(mostly European), American-Irish, American-Italian. Moved to Texas when 10 and then went to a Baptist high school with a tuition today of $17,000, then to Princeton and on.

Looks like we have a 50/50 wash for both of them - but with (D)iversity, that really isn't the point, is it? It is about politics and control - and it is something we as a nation need to grow away from.

Everyone is marrying everyone else - we are all a "minority" for goodness sake. In reality - both Richardson and Cruz are just European-Americans. As "white" as Thurston Howell III.

As true as it is pathetic. We/they go through all of this for some political parlor trick. Another reason that I know I'm on the right side of this argument; pro-(D)iversity is pro-stupid.

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