Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why Gunowners Do Not Trust the Government or the Press

In what is probably one of the best descriptions of why many citizens - and almost no gun owners - have faith in any information they give the government. 

Behold what a newspaper in New York has done. Yep - if you have a registered gun, everyone knows and it is on a map

Privacy? Just wait until the guv'munt starts keeping all your medical data too.

Every day this experiment in self government in a representative republic fades a little more. Police dressed as some fascist shock troops. Police conducting cavity searches on the side of the road. In an effort, in theory, to protect us from young men who are trying to blow up aircraft, we do full body pat downs on small children and people in wheelchairs. American citizens are looked at being imprisoned without charge or trail. Our institutions of higher learning have speech codes.

None of the above even touches on the unsustainable peace time debt that has exploded in the last half decade. 

The 4th estate, who exists only because of a few words in our Constitution, aggressively goes after another few words on the same document. They won't be the first to go, but they will follow shortly once the other basic Rights of free people are cut away bit, by bit by bit. It is the way it always happens.

In a nation held together not by geography, ethnicity, religion, or unique language - but an idea - when you parse that idea in to nothing, then the experiment is over. If the experiment is over, what holds the whole thing together?

Interesting times.


Southern Air Pirate said...

How is it "alarmist bullshit"? When the government has before shutdown the 1st amendment numerous times in the years before now. The sedation acts, some of the attitudes the Wilson admin took towards speaking out against the government in the first world war. The Johnson and Nixon admins giving the FBI free hand to create government enemies lists and terrorize those protesting involvement in the civil rights debates or the wars overseas. The list is pretty big and unfortunately you only need to look at our European cousins to see how fast they trade freedoms for security to no freedoms and a dictatorship. France with Napoleon, Hitler and the demise of the Weimar Republic, the UK and the IRA troubles coming to London, Communist party actions in Eastern Europe.

Anonymous said...

if you look carefully you will notice that one of the "active" owners lives in the middle of a lake.

Unknown said...

Excellent sight-lines....

Anonymous said...

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