Wednesday, December 05, 2012

LCS: if numbers don’t work, use pictures

There are some pictures they don't show on the PPT or brochures.

Time to re-engage on LCS again as tired arguments are coming out to join new excuses … errrr … new arguments. Shall we have a little more fun with LCS spin and mythology? Good, let's play with the low hanging fruit again.

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, “LCS is fast, small, maneuverable, and hard for the enemy to find.”

No. It. Is. Not. Think hyper/multispectral, not late Soviet Union radars and ES equipment.

Over the years we have thrown a lot of numbers on length, height, non-stealthy features, etc. Well, we’re going to keep it simple.

Again, think hyper/multispectral. I want you to think of the “drone in a box” overhead imagery that almost anyone can get now and in the near future. I want you to think about the targeting mechanisms of ASBM. I want you to think in simple terms about complex issues.

Via of all things googlemaps – here is nice little Mayport. We have CG, DDG, FF(not-so-G) and other toys for your to compare. Is a LCS really a smaller target than a legacy battleforce warship?


Having trouble finding LCS-2? I didn’t think so. Also, have you seen the wake on that thing? Hyper/multispectral will have a ball with that.

Why is this important to bring up? When you believe your own hype, when you start to think that hopes become flesh, when you ignore the physics and limitations of your platform - then you get you and your Sailors killed. Just ask the crew of the HMS Hood.

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Vigilis said...

“LCS is fast, small, maneuverable, and hard for the enemy to find.”

Hard for the enemy to find? At sea, no doubt.