Thursday, December 20, 2012

Diversity Thursday

Hey, I know things will not be where I want them to be overnight. We have a long way until we can get by the retrograde racialist attitudes as pushed by the Diversity Bullies.

After decades of Mau-Mau'n their way in to nice paid billets, the Navy's branch of the Diversity Industry has too many BA/NMP filled, and millions of millions going to their pockets that then go to support their approved political buddies - we won't get to a race neutral place soon. No, there is too much money to be made on division and encouraging sectarianism.

There is also quite the headwind, though not as strong as it was a few years ago. I also know that incredible damage was done to race relations and unit cohesion by the previous CNO's unhealthy obsession with early 1970s race theory, and that the present CNO can only try to bring us back to centerline a bit at a time.

That is why I can pause, read, and nod my head in approval at the Admiral Greenert's (D)iversity Vision. It says the right things to keep the Commissariat at bay, but it also does not say a lot of things.  Read it yourself and you should see what I mean.

We will not get this right overnight - but especially considering some of the patronizing goo that has oozed out in the last few decades, this is at least not worst ... at better perhaps a sign that things will get better.

Is it what I would write? No - but considering the circumstances, is it OK? Sure.

Oh, and yes ... it is OK to still giggle at the Potemkin pictures the (D)iversity types continue to pick out.
USN DEC 12 Diversity Vision 
At the same time, things in some areas where the retrograde forces are stronger, there is still bad news. To continue to justify those who get paid to collect numbers and create briefs with them. 

So, the Navy is a model employer because it forces multi-ethnic and multi-racial people to "pick" which part of their DNA is "them?" It forces you to accept that you are defined by something as useless as where your DNA came from a few thousand years ago?

Pathetic. Please tell me it lets you pick as many as you want to. If so, jam the system. They don't have "other" - so pick them all. You are an American. The rest of the world sees you that way regardless of the shade of your skin or the nature of your hair.

Jam the system - select them all.
 Verification of Workforce Disability Statue

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