Saturday, December 22, 2012

Patriot Deployment to Turkey: Netherlands Wins!

From a liberty perspective; Hup Holland Hup!
Germany, the Netherlands and the United States have offered to provide two Patriot batteries each. Germany will deploy its batteries to Kahramanmaras, the Netherlands will deploy its batteries to Adana, and the United States will deploy its batteries to Gaziantep.
Maps are important. Look at the below, ponder ....

A lot about what you need to know about NATO is right there. 

As anyone who has tried to fill a NATO Combined Joint Statement of Requirements will tell you, this deployment makes sense.

The USA is deployed closest to the danger. Germany has found a place near the rear and out of the way. The Netherlands - game as she usually is and boxing above her weight compared to her neighbors - takes what is left ... with the extra bonus that she has the best view and liberty options. Adana is in a beautiful location with great beaches just a short drive away.

Win to the Dutch!

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